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(刘劲松)圆填充、Teichmuller空间理论研究取得进展 2016-12-22
(李文威)Langlands纲领迹公式及基本函数研究取得进展 2016-12-22
新的SIAM期刊:SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry成立并即将接受投稿 2015-11-25
(许志强)Compressed Sensing Matrices from Fourier Matrices 2015-11-25
(周爱辉,戴小英)Convergence and Quasi-Optimal Complexity of Adaptive Finite Element Com... 2015-11-25
(刘歆,袁亚湘)On the Analysis of the Discretized Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory 2015-11-25
(庹睿)Efficient calibration for imperfect computer models 2015-11-25
(杨翠红,陈锡康)全球价值链与中国贸易增加值核算研究 2015-11-25
(高小山,袁春明,李伟)Sparse differential resultant for Laurent differential polynomials 2015-11-25
(程代展,齐洪胜)Modeling, analysis and control of networked evolutionary games 2015-11-25
(巩馥洲,刘源)Ergodicity and asymptotic stability of Feller semigroups on Polish metric... 2015-11-25
(胡晓东,陈旭瑾)Excluding Braess's Paradox in Nonatomic Selfish Routing 2015-11-25
(曹道民)Planar vortex patch problem in incompressible steady flow 2015-11-23
(周向宇)Effectiveness of Demailly's strong openness conjecture and related problems 2015-05-05
(孙斌勇)Conservation relations for local theta correspondence 2015-05-09
(李文威)La formule des traces stable pour le groupe métaplectique: les termes elliptiques 2015-05-09
(周向宇)A solution of an L2 extension problem with an optimal estimate and applications 2015-05-09
(周向宇)A proof of Demailly’s strong openness conjecture 2015-05-05
(刘劲松)How many cages midscribe an egg 2015-05-01
国际期刊CPAM公布2012-2013年论文引用次数排名,我院黄祥娣,李竞等的论文位列第一 2014-09-09
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