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关于拟推荐2015年度国家自然科学奖的项目材料的公示 2014-09-09
(李翀)Generalized Poincare-Hopf theorem and application to nonlinear elliptic problem 2014-09-09
(张平)Global smooth axisymmetric solutions of 3-D Inhomogenenous incompressible Navier-... 2014-09-09
(张平)On the critical one component regularity for 3-D Navier-Stokes system 2014-09-09
(张平)Remarks on the global solutions of 3-D Navier-Stokes system with one slow variable 2014-09-09
(张平)Long time well-posdness of Prandtl system with small and analytic initial data 2014-09-09
(张平)Global well-posedness of 3-D inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations with ill-prepa... 2014-09-09
(冯秀涛)A forgery and state recovery attack on the authenticated cipher PANDA-s 2014-04-09
(冯秀涛)A realtime key recovery attack on the authenticated cipher FASER128 2014-04-09
(冯秀涛)A practical state recovery attack on the stream cipher Sablier v1 2014-04-09
(张志涛)Infinite Many Periodic Solutions for a Semilinear Wave Equation in a Ball in R^n 2013-12-02
(张立群)Backward Uniqueness for Parabolic Operators with Variable Coefficients in a Hal... 2013-12-02
(张晓)The positive energy theorem for asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes 2013-12-02
(杨洪苍)Estimates of the gaps between consecutive eigenvalues of Laplacian 2013-12-02
(徐晓平)Algebraic Approaches to Partial Differential Equations 2013-11-29
(徐晓平)Moving-Frame Approach to Nonlinear Internal Waves in Oceans 2013-11-29
(王跃飞)On minimal decomposition of p-adic homographic dynamical systems 2013-11-29
(王友德)Geometric Schrodinger-Airy Flows on Kahler Manifolds 2013-11-22
(王友德)Geometric solitons of Hamiltonian flows on manifolds 2013-11-22
(王友德)Geometric solitons with vortex structures for some geometric flows from Minkows... 2013-11-22
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