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Repair Locality with Multiple Erasure Talerance 2013-10-12
Bifurcation surfaces stemming from the Fucik spectrum 2013-09-29
Difference Chow Form 2013-09-17
On the Summability of Bivariate Rational Functions 2013-09-11
On the Existence of Telescopers for Mixed Hypergeometric Terms 2013-08-27
Minimum Time Trajectory Planning for Five-Axis Machining with General Kinematic Constra... 2013-07-22
Sparse Differential Resultant for Laurent Differential Polynomials 2013-07-10
Hybrid approaches based on LSSVR model for container throughput forecasting: A comparat... 2013-07-01
The Fashion Game: Network Extension of Matching Pennies 2013-06-06
Fashion and Homophily 2013-06-06
A Heterogeneous Network Game Perspective of Fashion Cycle 2013-06-03
Equilibrium computation of the Hart and Mas-Colell bargaining model 2013-05-28
Sparse Difference Resultant 2013-05-20
Certified Rational Parametric Approximation of Real Algebraic Space Curves with Local G... 2013-05-09
A Novel Ensemble Learning Approach for Corporate Financial Distress Forecasting in Fash... 2013-05-02
Inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes Equations in the Half-space, With Only Bounded Density 2013-04-24
Global Small Solutions to Three-Dimensional Incompressible MHD System 2013-04-12
Computations in Residue Class Rings of (Parametric) Polynomial Ideals 2013-04-07
Recollements and Hochschild theory 2013-03-29
Hattori-Stallings trace and character 2013-03-22
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